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Explain why copper is used to make electrical wiring

It is a good conductor


List the physical properties of metals

- lustrous, hard and high desnsity
- high tensile strength
- high melting and boiled points
- good conductors of heat and electricity


What are the particles in a metal held together by?

Metallic bonds


How can metals becomes superconductors?

At low temperatures


Why do metals have high melting points and boiling points?

Due to strong metallic bonds


Describe how metals conduct electricity?

The free movement of delocalised electrons allows metals to conduct electricity


Describe what is meant by the term superconductor

They are metals that are able to conduct electricity because the atoms are very close together and the electrons can move from atom to atom


Describe the potential benefits of superconductors

- loss free power transmission
- super-fast electronic circuits
- powerful electromagnets


Describe metallic bonding

The attraction between a sea or delocalised electrons and close packed positive metal ions


Explain in terms of structure why metals have high melting points and boiling points

Because lots of energy is needed to overcome the strong metallic bonds


Explain in terms of structure why metals conduct electricity

The electrons are able to move freely which allows the metal to conduct electricity


Explain some of the drawbacks of superconductors

Most superconductors work below -200°C. This very low temperature is costly to maintain and impractical for large-scale users.


Explain why iron is used to make cars and bridges

It is very strong