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Fusiform face area & affective empathy (evidence)

1) Activity in the FF gyrus correlated with affective empathy (Hooker, 2009)
2) Psychopaths - low on affective empathy (Diaz- Galavan, 2015)
-- ALSO FOUND: PCL scores were negatively correlated with fusiform activity and affective empathy


Mpfc & ToM

1. Otti (2015) used a geometric shapes task: this is good b/c
Abell et al. 2000
a) Able to pick up on individuals with Autism where normally FB (sally Ann test) fails to so do; they made more errors in the mental state attribution on this task
b) The authors say probs due to the less demand on executive functioning (inhibitory control)
c) Differentiated them from the moderate learning disability group who were still able to do it (they have impaired executive functioning)

2. Otti (2015) didn’t find any role of the mpfc
BUT fmri Can only tell us neural substrates that my underpin, not necessary for

3. Lesion study: Stuss (2001) – trauma caused brain injury. Found they needed the mpfc
With trauma injuries – DAI and axonal sheering (Pang,
Bird (2004) =used stroke found G.T could do advanced ToM tasks
Farrant (2012) – used FLE; RMET and ToM story task – impaired on RMET – Petterson & Miller (2012) – Sarkis (2013)
SO: as Otti (2015) says self related processes not a requirement for ToM


Who said that the amygdala and ofc are involved with emotional intellegence? & what is EI

Shamay - Tsooi (2011)
EI: defined as the ability to monitor one's own and other people's emotions, to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior


why have others found a LH involvement in temporal processing?

To do with the LH involvement in temporal expectation (Coull & Nobre, 2008)


facial affect + RA test

1) Wegrzyn (2017): morphed faces task & showed that they had an anger bias + were quicker to say faces were angry
2) Coccaro (2007) - didnt use that but used a similar sort of thing to the Emotion Recogntion task & demonstrated that the LEFT amygdala was more active in RA
3) ERT do lack eco valid bc in real life faces are more likely to 'morph' but there is no study yet of amyg/morph/RA