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why is malnutrition bad?

  • reduction in lean muscle mass
  • alterations in respiratory mechanics
  • impaired immune function
  • intestinal atrophy

lead to:

  • diminished wound healing
  • predisp. to infection
  • increased postop morbidity


Some lab tests you could order to assess nutrition?

  • serum albumin (<3.5 is bad)
  • transferrin (good to assess nutrition repletion...<250 is bad)


When would you put someone on parental nutrition?

When GI tract is totally out of service.

PPN=peripheral parenteral nutrition

TPN=parenteral nutrition thru central line


Pro's of enteral nutrition?

  • safer and less expensive than parenteral
  • preserves gut function
  • results in fewer "all-source" infections


Define regular diet:

  • unrestricted spectrum of foods
  • avg total caloric content of 1800-2100 kcal


Define clear liquid diet:

  • adequate water with 500-1,000 kcal as simple sugar and some electrolytes
  • no fiber, minimal digestive or intestinal motility
  • used for pts with post op ileus, acute gastroenteritis, obstruction and prep for gastric procedures


Define full liquid diet:

  • adequate water and calories/protein
  • dairy products, soups, eggs and soft cereals + clear liquids
  • used following clear liquid diet to advance diet


Define soft diet:

  • "tender foods are used" - thanks Current, thats really clear
  • used inbetween full liquid and regular diet 


Define sodium restricted diet:

  • duh?
  • useful in management of HTN and edema (heart failure, chronic liver dz, CKD)