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If 1 mole of H2 and 1 mole of O2 are mixed and allowed to react according to the equation 2H2 +O2 -> 2H2O, The max number of moles of H2O that could be produced is?



For the equilibrium (NH4)3PO4 -> 3NH4+ +PO4^-3, the solubility product expression Ksp is

[NH4+]^3 [PO4 ^-3]


Which of the following compounds contains 42% chlorine and 57% Oxygen by weight?
a. HCl
b. HClO
c. ClO2
d. HClO3
e. HClO4



When empty, the mass of a beaker is 115g. When filled with 300 mL of an unknown liquid, the combined mass is 427g. What Volume in mL would 1 Kg of the liquid occupy?



Which of the following is NOT a good conductor of electricity?
a. Fe(S)
b. NaCl (aq)
c. NaCl (l)
d. NaCl (s)
e. Cu (s)

NaCl (s)

Aq solution of Nacl is a superb conductor of electricity; ionic solutions are well known conductors.
The molten form will also be a good conductor.
Only the solid form will be an insulator.


A solution of sulfuric acid has a concentration of 18M. What Volume of water would be needed to dilute 25mL of this H2SO4 solution to 3M



Which of the following processes is accompanied by an increase in entropy?
a. Organization of groceries by food group in a refrigerator.
b. Filtration of of a solid from a liquid suspension.
c. Condensation of water.
d. Evaporation of rubbing alcohol.
e. Deposition of carbon dioxide.

d. Evaporation of rubbing alcohol.

2nd law of thermodynamics: In a real, spontaneous process the entropy of the universe must increase.
Think of entropy as disorder or randomness & it is helpful to keep a few typical entropically-favored processes in mind:
boiling, sublimation, melting and mixing.


Describe Ionic character.

bond between two atoms of large electronegative difference


What is le Chartie Principle?

When a system is in equilibrium, any stress applied to it will cause the equilibrium to shift in a direction that alleviates the stress.


the electronic configuration of a particular neutral atom is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d6 4s2. The number of unpaired electrons in this atom is



what is the product of an oxygen nucleus with 9 electrons that undergo alpha-decay?



What increases down a column in the periodic table?

Atomic radius


why does raising the temperature cause an increase in the rate of a chemical reaction?

A greater proportion of the reactants has sufficient kinetic energy to overcome the activation barrier.


Whats the electronic configuration of Mn^2+



Describe the thermodynamic and electrochemical properties of a battery?

negative gibbs free energy; spontaneous; oxidation at anode.


the pH solution of NNO3 is 3. what is the hydrogen ion concentration?