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Definition of conflict

Clashes and breakdowns of relationships


Definition of interfaith community

A community that makes possible religious respect and dialogue between and among all people


Definition of interfaith dialogue

Exploring common grounds between different faith groups


Definition of just war

A war undertaken to protect the innocent or this being violated and to restore justice and peace


Definition of moral evil

Suffering caused by other humans, for examples of the holocaust


Definition of natural evil

Suffering not caused by someone or something, for example a volcanic eruption or tsunami


Definition of non violent protest

Showing disproval without damaging property or causing any threat


Definition of pacifism

The belief that any form of violence or war is unacceptable


Definition of reconciliation

Bringing harmony to a situation of disagreement and discord


Definition of suffering

Patience, endurance the bearing of pain or distress


State four reasons why people worship in special building?

1) church is the 'house of god'
2) a place where Christians come together
3) contains special furniture to help them worship
4) special place for Christians to show god their time/commitment


State four reasons why it is unnecessary to worship in a special building?

1) god is omnipresent
2) church means community not a place
3) waste of money- could be used for more important things 'love thy neighbour'
4) Quakers use a empty room


Three uses of icons

1) copies of heavenly images
2) Orthodox Church
3) people touch and kiss icons


Why do people worship Mary?

1) mother of Jesus
2) a virgin
3) his birth was a miracle "born through the power of the Holy Spirit"
4) takes a Catholics prayer to god


Three uses of stain glass windows?

1) decorate many old churches
2) often depict bible stories
3) use as a teaching aid


Three uses of symbolism of the crucifix

1) remind a catholic of Jesus' crucifixion
2) Jesus' death was a sacrifice
3) Jesus died for them


State three symbolic uses of the cross?

1) reminds us of the resurrection
2) Jesus defeats death
3) promise of eternal life


What do Christians wear as symbolism?



Four arguments for religiously believer to wear what they want?

1) evangelism
2) saying that 'I am Christian and proud of it'
3) Jesus asked people to be "fishers of men"
4) can break down prejudice


What five reasons suggest that religious believer shouldn't wear symbolic clothing?

1) can lead to prejudice
2) shows 'pride'=deadly sin
3) can divide people
4) some people can find it intimidating
5) can be a health and safety hazard