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From which side should you approach your seat to sit down?

the left side


In what order are guests seated?

ladies should be seated first, especially if a lady is the hostess or guest of honor

Note: if no ladies are present, the male host or guest of honor should be seated first


Is bringing flowers the best way for dinner guests to thank the host or hostess?

no, the host or hostess might not have a vase readily available for use; guests should bring a bottle of wine or a dessert instead


What should the men seated at the table do when a lady arrives late to the dinner?

stand to greet her


Are hats appropriate to wear at the table?

only ladies can wear hats, and only when they complement their wardrobes


Should ladies cross their legs at the dinner table?

Women should not cross their legs at the knees, but at the ankles.


Where is the napkin placed on the table?

to the left of the main plate


On which side of the main course plate are the bread and salad plates?

the left side


Where is the soup spoon placed?

to the right of the knife, on the right side of the main plate


Where is the (smaller) salad fork placed?

to the left of the main course fork, on the left side of the main plate


Where is the dessert spoon placed?

above the main plate with the bowl of the spoon facing left


On which side of the main course plate should the water glass be placed?

the left side


On which side of the main plate are the wine glasses?

the right side


Where are coffee and tea cups placed?

if pre-set, to the above right of the main plate

Note: most service will bring the cups out after dishes are cleared


When should you place your napkin on your lap?

when the host or hostess unfolds his or her napkin


When is the appropriate time to begin eating?

when the host or hostess has lifted his or her fork or spoon


In what order should you use your cutlery?

from the outside (farthest from the main plate) to the inside (closest to the main plate)


If not given a tea spoon, what should you do?

Ask the host for a spoon; never use the spoon on the table for both tea and eating your meal.


From which side of his/her guests should the host/hostess serve and remove beverages?

the right side


From which side should the host or hostess serve guests individually?

the left side


How should food be passed around the table?

The host/hostess should start the passing of any food that is near him/her.

Unless the person asking for the food is very close to the left side of the host, the host should always pass food to the right until it arrives at the proper person. 


How should you cut up your food?

in bite-sized pieces; do not cut up all of your food at once, but as you eat


Where should knives be placed temporarily if they are still being used?

on the right edge of the main plate, facing left


How should you apply dip or spread to your food?

do not apply it directly to your food; place the dip or spread on your own plate first


How should you put spread on bread?

tear/cut up the equivalent of one bite of bread and only butter one bite at a time


What should you do when asked for the salt or pepper?

pass both the salt and pepper without reaching across the table or in front of someone -- pass to the nearest person if necessary


Is it appropriate to refuse a dish or not to finish one's plate?

Yes; however, comments regarding others' eating habits (e.g., why they have refused a dish) are out of place.


What is the appropriate way to remove food from your mouth?

quickly and discreetly remove it with your napkin and ask the waiter for a new napkin


What should you say when leaving the table to go to the bathroom?

"Excuse me" -- no need to mention the bathroom


From which side of your seat should you get up when leaving the table?

the right side


When is it appropriate to use your hands to pick up food at the table?

only when eating foods such as ribs or sandwiches


How should you tilt bowls to finish their contents?

always tilt bowls away from you (and use your spoon to pick up the contents)

Note: soup should be spooned away from you


Where should the soup spoon be placed after use?

on the plate under the soup bowl


How should you signal to the servers that you are finished with your plate?

place your fork and knife right side up in the 2 o'clock position on your plate


At the end of a meal, from which side of his/her guests should the host/hostess remove the dishes?

the right side


What are some behaviors to avoid when at the table?

  • burping
  • playing with one's food
  • talking with food in one's mouth
  • chewing with one's mouth open
  • pointing with one's silverware
  • resting one's elbows on the table
  • cell phone usage
  • private conversations when there are less than five people at the table