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What is the structure and form?

14 lines = sonnet, love poem
Iambic pentameter


What is the hidden meaning?

Love, demonstrates how we need to have love for everyone no matter their status (homeless)


Driving home through the shonky side of town - line 1

Driving home = the narrator is describing someone who obviously has a car so has more money than the people on the shonky side of town, viewing people of a lower status
Shonky = low status, unimportant, chavvy, rundown


Three times out of ten you'll see the town clown - line 2

Three times out of ten = usually 9 times out of ten, mysterious
Town clown = how everyone refers to him, shows social class in action, rhyme


Like a basket of washing that got up - line 3

Like a basket of washing = simile, washed up, but also warm and familiar


The Clown Punk

The = there is only one
Clown = funny, painted smiles means he's not actually smiling, humiliation
Punk = insult, serious, unsophisticated
The Clown Punk = oxymoron, a joke