HR Planning - Midterm

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Chapter 1 - Strategic Management - TM
Various concepts of strategy including types The reality of the strategic process Strategic planning process* Differences between mission, vision and values Porters generic competitive strategies Benefits of strategy formulation*
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Chapter 2 - BD
Importance of HR planning and alignment, and associated risks of not doing strategic planning* See week 2 slides 18 to 20. Resource-based view - An organization’s human resources as a sustained competitive advantage – VRIO Risks of doing strategic human resources management AKA Downside to actually doing strategic planning – See Week 2 slide 21
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Chapter 3: Environmental Scanning - TM
Analyzing the external environment – scanning, monitoring, forecasting and assessing Challenges in scanning Environmental influences on HRM – economic climate, globalization etc.*
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Chapter 10 - Downsizing - TM
Downsizing strategies and restructuring strategies – workforce reduction, workforce redesign, systemtic change, portfolio restructuring etc. Reasons for downsizing and restructuring Downsizing alternatives Planning for downsizing and dealing with survivors, and best practices*
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Chapter 11 - International HRM - TM
HR Challenges in international HRM International business strategies and the HR approaches Concepts of HCNs etc. and why they are needed Recruitment, training, post assignment activities and career* development, performance management in SIHRM* Various strategies (or stages of growth) of an organization operating internationally and the best HR strategies to use
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Chapter 12 - AN
Definitions of – mergers, acquisitions, consolidations etc. Benefits of mergers – Strategic, financial, needs of CEO’s etc. Merger management process – 12.5 - Good to look at Roles and responsibilities of the team Impact of culture on mergers* HR Planning for mergers and acquisitions*
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Chapter 13 - AN
Characteristics of functions that may be outsourced HR functions that are typically outsourced* Reasons for outsourcing Risks of outsourcing* Managing outsourcing*
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Practice Quiz
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HR Planning - Midterm

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The creator of this class did not yet add a description for what is included in this class.

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