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What is produced as waste products from aerobic respiration?

Carbon dioxide and water


Where do most of the chemical reactions of aerobic respiration occur?

In the mitochondria of the cells


What are most of the chemical reactions of aerobic respiration controlled by?



State the word equation for aerobic respiration

Glucose + oxygen ---> carbon dioxide + water (+energy)


Name 4 uses of energy released from aerobic respiration

•build larger molecules from small ones
•enable muscle contraction in animals
•maintain a constant body temp in colder surroundings in birds and mammals
•build nitrates, sugar and other nutrients into amino acids and proteins in plants


What do investigations involving respiration usually measure?

The volume of carbon dioxide produced using like water which will turn cloudy in the presence of carbon dioxide

Or in plants, put peas in sealed jars with a thermometer in the top and the ones that are respiring will heat up because they release energy which will heat the surroundings


What does the process of aerobic respiration use to release energy?

Glucose and oxygen


Why is long and middle distance running using aerobic instead of anaerobic respiration?

If you rely on anaerobic respiration your legs will fill up with lactic acid due to lack of oxygen and also because you have more energy with aerobic respiration than with anaerobic


Why do you have more energy in aerobic than anaerobic respiration?

You have more oxygen to release energy in the mitochondria so it's more efficient


What is the chemical equation for aerobic respiration?

6o2 + c6h12o6 ---> 6co2 + 6h2o