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What is a buffer solution?

One which resists changes in pH when small amounts of acid or alkali are added.


What does a buffer solution contain?

Two components and must always contain something to react with any acid added and something to react with any base added.


What is an acidic buffer solution?

A solution of a weak acid (HA) and the salt/conjugate base of that weak acid.


What is the equilibrium that exists in the acidic buffer solution?

HA (aq) H+ (aq) + A- (aq)


What happens if acid is added to the buffer solution?

A- (aq) + H+(aq) -----> HA (aq)


What happens if alkali is added to the buffer solution?

HA(aq) + OH-(aq) -----> A-(aq) + H2O (l)


Why do small changes in the concentration of HA and A- not change the position of the original equilibrium?

Because large amounts of HA and A- are present and hence the pH remain approximately constant.


What is a basic buffer solution?

Contains a weak base and the salt of that weak base.