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When do we do a Full Alignment?

Before the first flight of the day or when there is a crew change.


What is the First Officer required to advise the Captain of, once the Load Closeout is received?

1. The difference between limiting weight for takeoff and the current GW on the ECAM SD.
2. The current wind conditions compared to the requirements of the TPS
3. The limiting temperature for takeoff compared to the current temp.


The IEA provides a safe altitude within an _____ NM radius around the Escape Point.



Blue depressurization clouds depict max terrain up to?

15,000 feet


The aircraft must safely descend to 10,000 feet within ______ minutes?

12 minutes


Engine #1 thrust reverser operates off which hydraulic system?

Green system


Precautionary Landing is?

A non-routine landing where an evacuation is not anticipated. (No TEST Brief)


Single Engine Taxi is prohibited when?

1. High Thrust Requirements
2. Icing Conditions
3. Ramps & Taxiways slippery with braking less than good


During an approach with managed speed, tower instructs you to go around and fly the published missed approach procedure. What speed will the FMGC command following clean up?

Green Dot


What is TEST briefing?

T: type of EP
E: Evac is anticipated
S: Signal
T: Time to landing


The passenger oxygen mask doors open automatically if the cabin altitude exceeds_____.

14,000 feet


On the Fuel page two ACT tanks are side by side. Which is ACT #1?

The left tank


When selecting an altitude in the FCU that is below 10,000 feet, the ALT increment selector should be set to____.



Past the Escape Point and established on the depressurization route you may descend to ________?

10,000 feet


When would we land ASAP at the nearest suitable airport.

1. Directed by a checklist
2. One AC power source
3. One hydraulic system
4. Smoke/Fire not extinguished
5. Crew judges it unsafe to continue


What is required if a Maintenance Class II message is displayed prior to departure on a crew origination flight?

Only AIR BLEED or DMC 1/3 and 2/3 (both together), require Maintenance action. Any other Class II messages do not affect dispatch and may be disregarded during preflight.


Non-routine landings include?

1. Landing at other than planned destination
2. When the aircraft is not able to taxi normally to the gate
3. When ARFF vehicles are anticipated to meet the aircraft


On the EVACUATION checklist, which answer is correct concerning the statement: ATC………….Notify

A.That you have already called ATC to inform them of your rejected takeoff, or

B. That you are now notifying ATC of your plan to evacuate the aircraft



What if you flew that same approach in selected speed. What speed will the FMGC command during go around?

Green Dot


If you are in OP DES with managed speed approaching 10,000’ MSL, will the AP/FDs slow the aircraft to 250 kts before descent below 10,000?

Yes. Only in selected speed will the pilot be required to manually adjust the speed and slow to 250 or less.


What is the IEA in the red depressurization cloud?

It depends. Check the chart in the Diversion Guide.


An amber “LAND ASAP” in an ECAM procedure directs?

Land at the nearest suitable airport (destination or nearest adequate airport)


How many fire extinguisher bottles are available for the cargo compartment?

Normally 1, 2 in the 321H


A red “LAND ASAP” in an ECAM procedure directs?

Land as soon as possible at the nearest airport where at safe landing can be made (time critical)


Emergency use of O2 masks, Don O2 masks when:

1. Cabin Alt is 10,000 ft or higher
2. Fire extinguisher is used on the Flight Deck
3. Smoke/Fumes/Odors
4. Whenever the CA deems it necessary


Define Initial Escape Altitude (IEA)

Altitude the aircraft can safely descend to before joining the depressurization route.


What is the IEA in the blue depressurization clouds?

17,000 feet


Engine #2 thrust reverser operates off which hydraulic system?

Yellow system


When do we use brake fans after landing?

If the brake temperature appears likely to exceed 400 degrees.


How do we signal an Evacuation?

1. PA: Evacuate, Evacuate, Evacuate
2. EVAC Command PB: ON