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What percentage of Bangladesh was a floodplain?



How much rainfall did they experience in one day?

35cm of rainfall


When did it happen?

The floods happened from July 2004-September 2004


Immediate responses to the hazard?

Food supplies, medicines clothing and blankets were supplied

An appeal to water aid sought to provide water purification tablets and posters highlighting the hygiene risks with flood water


Long term responses to the hazard?

United States launched an appeal for 74 million

Embankments were built along the river


Short term effects?

Crops were washed away

Electricity supplies disrupted

airport flooded as well as roads and rail

1/2 a million cattle and poultry were lost

11,000 km of roads were damaged

2 million tonnes of rice was destroyed


Name 3 causes of the floods?

Heavy monsoon rain from May to September

Urbanisation of the floodplain due to population increase has increased magnitude and frequency of floods.

Rivers are blocked or their channels are shallow due to deposited silt


Long term effects?

30 million left homeless

100,000 people suffered from diarrhoea

Diseases spread such as bronchitis and cholera

7 million homes were destroyed

Serious shortage of drinking water and dry food


How much did the floods cost the country?

One billion