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How does the fragmentation of a landscape have a positive effect on biodiversity?

It increases the amount of edge habitat.


Why is it important to consider the quality of the matrix habitat that exists between habitat fragments?

The quality of matrix habitat affects the ability of species to disperse.


Which is NOT a reason that species diversity decreases while moving toward the poles in the Northern Hemisphere?

Decreased environmental heterogeneity increases diversity.


Alpha diversity is

the number of species in a small area.


Why are corridors and habitat stepping stones important to the conservation of biodiversity?

They reduce the negative effects of habitat fragmentation


Which conditions would you expect to support the most species?

a large island close to the mainland


How has continental drift affected global patterns of biodiversity?

The separation of continents has increased diversity


Why are solar energy, precipitation on land, and ocean water temperatures important in determining global patterns in biodiversity?

They control the energy available to support species


How does knowledge of historic climate patterns affect our interpretation of present-day patterns of species diversity?

Tropical regions have been limited by the increased differentiation between the poles and equator.


Which continents would you expect to have the greatest similarity among species?

North America and Europe because of their consistent connection