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What factors can be used to identify biodiversity hotspots instead of species richness?

number of endemic plant species and amount of vegetation lost


The intrinsic value of an ecosystem

considers the value of an ecosystem apart from any economic benefit.


Economic benefits of preserving biodiversity include

I. nutrient cycling

II. recreation

III. providing products


What rate of extinction will determine if the current rate of extinction is equivalent to a mass extinction?



Why is it important to preserve genetic diversity as well as species diversity?

High genetic diversity increases survival in changing environmental conditions.


Which is NOT evidence that humans have historically contributed to extinctions through overharvesting?

changes in species composition of forests after logging


What is NOT a way introduced species contribute to the extinction of native species?

increasing the fitness of a competing native species


Why do we need to consider the process of biomagnification when assessing the risk of a pesticide to wildlife?

It increases risk in species at the top of the food chain.


Which is NOT an effect of global climate change that is already being observed?

changing precipitation patterns


What challenges can arise when considering a species reintroduction?

I. high monetary cost

II. local opposition to the species

III. changes in land use