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two compartments in the TMJ capsule is created by

the disc compartment motions


name the two compartments in the TMJ capsule

1. temporodiscal
2. condylodiscal


the inferior compartment is known as?

condylodiscal compartment


the superior compartment is known as?

temporodiscal compartment


name the motion in the condylodiscal compartment

the motion is rotational


name the motion in the temporodiscal compartment

the motion is translatory


side note:

in order to go from a close position to maximum opening position of the mandible. We have to use BOTH rotational and translatory movements.
Condyle of the mandible seated here in the glenoid fossa of the temporal bone.
when you first start to open, there is going to be a rotational movement.
you will get to a certain point where you can not rotate any more, but you want to open wider and THEN you are going to translate that will cause the condyle to move anteriorly, and come up pretty close to the articulate eminence. Now you are at Maximum.
when you start to close, the 1st thing you are going to do is translate back and then it is going to rotate until the teeth come back together.


side note:

knowing that the Condylodiscal compartment is responsible for rotation
1. condylodiscal motion followed by temporodiscal
And then when you close
1. tempordiscal causes translation; condylodiscal causes rotation