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what are the phases of Swallowing?
list them in order from
first to last

1. Anticipatory Phase (first phase)
2. Oral Phase
3. Pharyngeal Phase
4. Esophageal Phase (last phase)


what phase of swallowing involves the actions....
...bolus to posterior of tongue and anterior tongue elevates to hard palate and retracts (forces bolus into orpharynx)
....posterior tongue elevated by mylohyoid and soft palate elevates?

Oral Phase


what phase of swallowing involves....
...oral preparatory phase
...increase in salivary production is masticated and w/tongue movement made?

Anticipatory Phase


what phase of swallowing involves...
....relaxation of upper esophageal sphincter
...esophageal contractions (peristalsis)
...lower esophageal sphincter relaxes?

Esophageal Phase


what phase of swallowing involves...
....soft palate posteriorly to the nasopharyngeal wall
...pharynx constriction by superior pharyngeal constrictor
...elevation of hyoid and larynx and anteriorly to epiglottis (passive airway closure)
...respiratory center in medulla briefly inhibited for swallowing(deglutition apnea)

Pharyngeal Phase


this swallowing phase is a voluntary phase
(CN V, VII, and XII). name the phase

Oral Phase


this swallowing phase involves Passive Reflex and is controlled by cranial nerves. name the phase and CN's

Pharyngeal Phase;
(CN V, X, XI, and XII)