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What gland is this in the body?

Adrenal gland 

You can see the three distinctive regions present within it - capsule, cortex and medulla 


Name the different aspects of the thyroid gland which have been labelled from 1-4 

1- Colloid 

2- follicle 

3- follicular cell 

4- Parafollicular c cell


What iis the phrase used to describe the lymphocytic attack found in type one DM

Lymphocytes causing insulinitis 


Normal or not?

This is a normal islet 


Which type of diabetes is this and why? 

Type 2 diabetes, can see the amyloid deposits - where the red arrows point in the islet 


What do the bigest cells featured in this image contain? ie what hormone 

Its a colloid cell which secretes T3 and T4 upon follicular stimulation 


What do the parafollicular cells in the thyroid gland secrete?



What hormone acts on the follicular cells in the thyroid gland?

TSH acts on the follicular cells to then stimulate the colloid cells to release T3 and T4