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Name the four main functions of the limbic system as well as the related structures.

Olfaction (olfactory cortex), memory (hippocamampus), emotions and drives (amygdala) and autonomic / endocrine functions (hypothalamus).


Which three structures are involved in olfaction?

Olfactory bulbs, piriform cortex and amygdala.


When it comes to emotions, which kind of stimuli are likely to be processed by the amygdala?

Pleasant and aversive stimuli.


Apart from its role in emotions, what are other functions influenced by the amgydala?

Olfactory, autonomic and cognitive functions.


Who is the only real friend of the poor hippocampus that is talking to him?

The entorhinal cortex.


In Korsakoff's syndrome, which brain area is likely to be affected? What do patients do to compensate for memory deficits?

Mamillary bodies. Patients start to comfabulate to compensate for memory deficits.


Which brain regions, proximal to the hippocampus are involved in encoding object and which in encoding visuospatial information?

Perirhinal: objects.

Parahippocampal: visuospatial information.