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Why is breeding a genetics problem?

You must understand linkage. Unwanted traits may be inherited too.
It is also a numbers game - the more you can screen, the higher chance you will ultimately generate the plant you want.


What are the three main techniques of introducing foreign DNA into plants?

1. Vector (Agrobacterium) - mediated
2. Direct methods (gene gun)
3. Pollen magnofection


What are the three critical steps to make a GM plant?

1. Introduction of the construct (using any of the techniques)
2. Selection of transformed cells
3. Regeneration of a whole plant


What is the principle behind plant regeneration?

Regeneration of a whole adult plant from tissue taken from a donor


What tissues can be used?

- Embryo culture
- Apical meristem (stem cells of plants)
- Leaf tissue (contains meristematic tissue)
- Cell culture eg suspension cultures or protoplasts


What is the problem?

Some plants are difficult to regenerate, eg cotton.


Describe the steps in plant regeneration (and conditions)

1. Induce proliferation - callus formation (auxin and cytokinin)
2. Induce shoot formation (auxin and CYTOKININ)
3. Induce root formation (AUXIN and cytokinin)
4. Transplant to soil


What are common methods of selection?

Antibiotic resistance
Herbicide tolerance