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How do meta populations function?

They act as a source pop and allow emigration to occupied and unoccupied habitats. if a pop is extirpated from an area, but the metapop is still intact, individuals can still immigrate into the extirpated area from the meta pop


how do metapopulations relate to restoration?

Justifies the use of greenways and the importance of connectivity between areas ith meta pop and habitats that van be used by the pop. We can design our plans and protected areas around re-establishing/maintaining connectivity among habitat patches.


What are the 2 types of competition?

Interference: one species bullied from resource by another
Exploitative: some individuals exploit a resource more/better than others


What is the difference between bottom up and top down trophic effects?

Bottom up: When abundance of prey affects the abundance of predators
Top down: when abundance of predators affects the number of prey