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Nerve root of evaluation C6

Disc level: C5
Muscle test: wrist extension; extensor carpi radialis longus, extensor carpi radialis brevis and extensor carpi ulnaris (radial nerve)
Reflex: brachioradialis
Sensation: anterior lateral forearm, palm, thumb and second digit. C-5 C6 and C7


Nerve root evaluation C7

Disc level C6
Muscle tests: triceps – radio nerve
Wrist flexion: flexor carpi radialis – median nerve, flexor carpi ulnaris- ulnar nerve
Finger extension: extensor digitorum communis, extensor digit minmi and extensor indicis profundus – radial nerve
Reflex: triceps
Sensation: third digit, middle of palm.
C6, C7, and C8


Nerve root of evaluation C8

Disc level: C7
Muscle test:
Finger flexion: flexor digitorum superficialis, flexor digitorum profundus, and lumbricals – median and ulnar nerves.
No reflex
Sensation, fourth and fifth digits, and anteromedial hand and forearm. C7 C8 and T1


Nerve root evaluation of T1

Disc level, T1
Muscle test:
Finger abduction: Dorsal interossei – ulnar nerve
Finger add duction: Palmer interossei –ulnar nerve
No reflex
Sensation: and antero medial arm – distal aspect of arm to proximal aspect of forearm


C-5 nerve root of evaluation

Disc level C4
Muscle tests: Shoulder abduction: deltoid muscle innervated by the axillary nerve
Form flexion: biceps innervated by musculocutaneous nerve
Reflex: biceps
Sensation: lateral arm (C4, C5, C6)