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Yergason test

+: Localized pain and/or tenderness at bicipital groove
+: Audible click or biceps tendon subluxes or dislocates
I: Tendinitis
L: Instability of biceps tendon possibly associated w a torn transverse humeral ligament


Abbott-Saunders test

+: Palpable and/or audible click
I: Subluxation or dislocation of the biceps tendon (rupture of the transverse ligament or tendon subluxes beneath the subscapularis muscle belly.


Anterior apprehension test

+: noticeable look of apprehension or alarm on patients face with possible pain
L: Chronic anterior dislocation of the shoulder(glenohumeral joint)


Impingement sign

+: Pain in the shoulder
I: Overuse injury to the supraspinatus and possibly biceps tendon.


Apley test

+: Exacerbation of pain
I: Degenerative tendinitis of the rotator cuff tendons (usually supraspinatus)


Posterior apprehension test

+: Noticeable look of apprehension or alarm on the Patients face with possibly pain.
I: Chronic posterior dislocation of the shoulder (glenohumeral joint)


Drop arm test aka Codman drop arm test

+: Patient will not be able to lower arm slowly or arm drops suddenly
I: Rotator cuff tear, usually supraspinatus


Speed test

+: Pain and or tenderness in the bicipital groove
L: Bicipital tendonitis


Dawbarn test

+: Decrease in pain and or tenderness
I: Subacromial bursitis


Dugas test

+: Inability to touch the opposite shoulder and/or inability of elbow to touch chest
I: Acute dislocation of shoulder (glenohumeral jt)