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What exactly is a repeated measures one way ANOVA?(2)

1. for related groups
L> one DV (continuous- either interval or ratio)
L>one IV ( categorical- either nominal or ordinal)
2. extension of the correlated t-test
- a test to detect differences between related means


Most commonly there are two circumstances when you should use a repeated measures ANOVA . What are they?

1. To investigate changes in the mean scores for more than two conditions
2. To investigate the differences in the mean scores across two or more conditions


The IV in a repeated measures ANOVA design has one level/multiple?.



Do participants only participate in one condition?

- no
- each participant participates in each condition/level of the experiment (similar to the correlated t-test)


For designs which use time as the IV, what is going on with respect to the DV?

- different times of measurement of the DV count as separate levels for the IV


For designs which use measurement of the DV across different conditions rather than time what are the levels of the IV?

- conditions