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Word equation for aerobic respiration

Glucose + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water


Describe examples of life processes that require energy from respiration

Muscle contraction
Protein synthesis
Control of body temperature in mammals


Explain why breathing and pulse rate increase during exercise

To deliver oxygen and glucose to the cells in their muscles more quickly, this increase helps to remove carbon dioxide produced during respiration more quickly


Describe am experiment to measure resting pulse rate and recovery time after exercise

Measure your resting rate immediately after exercise. Then measure it every minute until it returns to normal - the time taken to do this is called your recovery time.


Balanced symbol equation for aerobic respiration

C₆H₁₂O₆ + 6O₂ →6CO₂ + 6H₂O


Equation for RQ

RQ = carbon dioxide produced / oxygen used


What is the energy provided by respiration need for?

All life processes in plants and animals


Explain why anaerobic respiration takes place during hard exercise in addition to aerobic respiration

Because it occurs when the muscles are working so hard that the lungs and circulatory system cannot deliver enough oxygen to break down all the available glucose through aerobic respiration.


What does respiration result in?

The production of ATO which is used as the energy source for many processes in cells


What does anaerobic respiration produce?

Lactic acid which accumulates in muscles causing pain and fatigue


Word equation for anaerobic respiration

Glucose -> lactic acid


How much energy does anaerobic release?

Much less energy per glucose than aerobic respiration


Explain fatigue in terms of lactic acid build up (oxygen debt) and how this is removed during recovery

- hard exercise causing lack of oxygen in cells
- the incomplete breakdown of glucose
- continued panting replacing oxygen allowing aerobic respiration
- increased heart rate ensuring that blood carries lactic acid away to the liver


Explain why the rate of respiration is influenced by changes in temperature and pH

Because respiration is a series of enzyme-controlled reactions


Explain how the rate of oxygen consumption can be used as an estimate of metabolic rate

Because aerobic respiration requires oxygen