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Explain the setting...

The play is set in Red Hook in Brooklyn. Red Hook, where the Carbones live, is a slum area.


Explain Alfieri...

In this opening section the playwright introduces Alfieri as both a character in the play and also a narrator who speaks directly to the audience. He is a thoughtful man who is obviously sympathetic towards the community he serves.


Explain Eddie...

Eddie is an ordinary man who works on the ships. He shows us his protective attitude towards Catherine when he says, 'You're gettin' to be a big girl now, you gotta keep yourself more, you can't be so friendly, kid'(p.6). Here he is seen as a strong family man.


Explain Catherine...

Catherine is a lively, attractive and very warm character. Even though she is slightly annoyed with Eddie when he criticises her, she tries to lighten the mood by saying, 'Eddie , I wish there was one guy you couldn't tell me things about!' (p.6).


Explain Beatrice...

Beatrice has a generous nature and that is the reason she has invited Marco and Rodolfo to stay in their flat. She shows a certain nervousness, however, when she hears they have arrived