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What is evaporation?

When a liquid turns into a gas (a change to its physical state)


What is condensation?

When a gas turns into a liquid (a change to its physical state)


What is latent heat?

When energy is released or absorbed by a body during a process: e.g. evaporation or condensation.


How are clouds formed?

1. Water vapour exists in the atmosphere
2. Tiny particles (salt and dust) called aerosols also exist in the air.
3. Water vapour and aerosols bump into each other.
4. Air cools and vapour sticks to aerosols when they collide and condense.
5. Bigger droplets form around aerosol particles.
6. Droplets start sticking to one another, forming a cloud build-up.
7. Air becomes saturated and cannot hold anymore water by a) amount of water in the air has increased through evaporation and b) air has cooled to dew point.