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How is DNA stored?

Although the structure of DNA is the same in all organisms.
It is stored differently in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.


What is the DNA like found in eukaryotic cells?

Linear DNA molecules that exist as chromosomes.
Thread - like structures, each made up of one long molecule of DNA and its associated protein.
Chromosomes located in nucleus.


In eukaryotic cells because the DNA molecule is so long what happens to it?

It has to be wound up so it can fit into the nucleus.


In eukaryotic cells what is the DNA wounded around?

Histone proteins (help support the DNA).
The DNA and the protein is then coiled up very tightly to make a compact chromosome.


In eukaryotic cells what does the mitochondria and chloroplasts have?

Their own DNA .
It is circular and shorter then DNA molecules in the nucleus and its not associated with histone proteins.


How is the DNA found in prokaryotic cells?

In chromosomes.
DNA molecule is shorter and circular.
Not wound around histones.


How does the DNA found in prokaryotic cells fit into the cell?

It condenses by super coiling.