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In children, ___ is the predominant source of the organisms causing lung abscesses

aspiration of infected materials or a foreign body


If the aspiration event occurred while the child was recumbent, the ___ are the dependent areas most likely to be affected

right and left upper lobes and apical segment of the right lower lobes


In a child who was upright when the aspiration occurred, ___ were dependent and therefore are most likely to be affected

the posterior segments of the upper lobes


Primary abscesses are found most often on the which side/laterality

right side


Secondary lung abscesses, particularly in immunocompromised patients, have a predilection for which side/laterality

Left side


Lung abscess: Diagnosis is most commonly made on the basis of ___

chest radiography


Lung abscess: A chest CT scan can provide better anatomic definition of an abscess, including location and size

Chest CT