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What is the grain in a scale?

The size of individual units of observation

We can not detect patterns below the grain


What is the issue with scale in conservation?

Research gained at small spatial scales are often not representative of larger areas and vice versa


What is used to simulate the response of global climate system to rising greenhouse gas concentrations?

General circulation models


What effect might climate change have on protected areas?

It might mean they are in the wrong place because of a shift in vegetation


What percentage of terrestrial carbon do forests store?



What is expected to happen to crops in the future due to climate change?

Yields will increase in Northern Europe, but decrease across Africa and South America


What did Tillman 2001 forecast the human population to be in 2020 and 2050?

2020: increase to 7.5 billion

2050: 9 billion


What is the trend in forest change for rich and poor countries?

Wealthy nations with little forest grew more forest

Low income nations with little forest cut it down faster