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What is ex situ conservation?

The process of protecting an endangered species, variety or breed, of plant or animal outside its natural habitat


What are the 4 decision criteria leading to captive breeding?

1. Population in near the minimum viable population

2. The population is declining despite action

3. No population within a protected area

4. Saving extinct in the wild species


How many species have been described out of an estimated 7.4-10 million species?

1.7 million


Give an example of a species that’s critically endangered but is not within a protected area?

Handley’s slender mouse opossum


What are the role of zoos?

They keep species that are at risk from extinction alive

They do and fund research

They educate through visitor engagement

They spend $350 million on conservation each night


What are the drawbacks of zoos?

They’re selective in what they keep- focus on larger animals

Limited resource availability

Problems of husbandry

Adaptation to captivity

Susceptibility to disease


How many individuals and species does a botanical garden contain?

4 million individuals in 80,000 species (30% of all known)


What is the most intensive type of management for kept species?

European endangered species programme (EEP)


What is the medium and low intensity management of kept species?

Medium= European studbook

Low= monitoring (MON-P or MON-T)