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What bones converge to form the foramen lacerum?

the temporal, sphenoid and occipital bones


What are the contents of the foramen lacerum?

the internal carotid artery, the carotid sympathetic nerve plexus, and a venous plexus


What forms the roof of the posterior cranial fossa?

the tentorium cerebelli


What part of the central nerve system occupies the posterior cranial fossa?

the cerebellum, pons, and medulla oblongata


Which ostia will allow exit from the posterior cranial fossa?

the foramen magnum, the internal acoustic meatus, the jugular foramen, the hypoglossal canal and the condylar canal


What are the contents of the internal acoustic meatus?

cranial nerves VII (facial nerve) and VIII (vestibulocochlear/ auditory nerve), the nervus intermedius/nerve of Wrisberg/sensory root of VII and the motor root of VII, the vestibular and cochlear roots of VIII and the internal auditory/internal labyrinthine artery and vein


What are the contents of the jugular foramen?

the jugular bulb, the inferior petrosal sinus, the tympanic body/tympanic glomus or jugular body/jugular gloms, cranial nerves IX (glossopharyngeal), X (vagus) and XI (spinal accessory)


What is the name of the venous expansion between the sigmoid dural venous sinus and the internal jugular vein?

the jugular bulb


What is the function of the tympanic body/tympanic glomus

a chemoreceptive organ which monitors hypoxia, hypercapnia and increases in the hydrogen ion


What are the contents of the condylar canal?

an emissary vein connecting the sigmoid dural venous sinus and the vertebral venous plexus


What can the five layers of the scalp spell?

Skin, Connective tissue, Aponeurosis, Loose Connective Tissue, Periosteum...SCALP


What are the principle sources of blood to the scalp?

internal carotid and external carotid artery branches


What branches of the external carotid artery ramify in the scalp?

occipital, posterior auricular, and superficial temporal arteries...OPS


What location will each branch of the fifth cranial nerve pass into upon exit from the middle cranial fossa?

ophthalmic nerve - orbit; maxillary nerve - pterygopalatine region; mandibular nerve - infratemporal region


Which divisions of the trigeminal nerve receive sensory information from the scalp?

all 3 divisions; opthalmic nerve, maxillary nerve, & mandibular nerve


What nerve(s) and cord levels of origin to the cervical plexus supply the scalp?

great auricular nerve - C2, C3 ventral rami branches; lesser occipital nerve - C2 (C3) ventral rami branches


Which dorsal ramus nerve branch (name and cord level of origin) supplies the scalp?

greater occipital nerve - C2, C3 communicating ramus