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What does kinetic energy depend on?

mass and speed of an object


Recognise and describe (derivatives of) fossil fuels
as the main fuels in road transport:

• petrol
• diesel


what are possible alternatives to fossil fuels?

- bio fuels
- solar energy


Recognise that the shape of a moving object can
influence its top speed and fuel consumption:

• wedge shape of sports car
• deflectors on lorries and caravans
• roof boxes on cars
• driving with car windows open.
these increase fuel consumption


Describe how electricity can be used for road
transport, and how its use could affect different
groups of people and the environment:
• battery driven cars
• solar power/cars with solar panels.

- solar power cars would produce no pollution
- battery driven cars are already on road , but their batteries are recharged using electricity that is generated in power stations which causes pollution


equation for kinetic energy

KE = 0.2 X mass X speed (squared)


Explain why electrically powered cars do not pollute
at the point of use whereas fossil fuel cars do.
Recognise that battery driven cars need to have the
battery recharged

• this uses electricity produced from a power
• power stations cause pollution.


Explain why we may have to rely on bio-fuel and
solar powered vehicles in the future.

Our supplies of fossil fuels are running low and pollution and climate change are now such big problems that cars will soon have to run on less polluting fuels.


Explain how bio-fuell and solar powered vehicles:
• reduce pollution at the point of use
• produce pollution in their production
• may lead to an overall reduction in CO2

- solar powered cars don't pollute because they generate electricity from the sun.
- Bio fuels use fuel from crops so the carbon dioxide emitted is balanced by the carbon dioxide taken in by crops when they were growing
- producing solar panels produces pollution and uses up valuable resources
- there may be an overall reduction in carbon dioxide production to generate this energy when power stations are better set up to control pollution and emissions.


What does car fuel consumption depend on?

- the energy required to increase kinetic energy
- the energy required to work against friction
- driving style and speed - more accelerating and braking uses more fuel
- different road conditions
- tyre pressure