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why do objects have gravitational potential
energy (GPE)?

because of their mass and position in Earth’s gravitational field.


Recognise everyday examples in which objects use
gravitational potential energy (GPE).

- a diver jumps off the diving board
- a ball rolls down a hill
- a skydiver jumps out of a plane


equation for GPE

GPE = mass x gravitational field strength x vertical height


Understand that for a body falling through the
atmosphere at terminal speed:

• kinetic energy (KE) does not increase
• gravitational potential energy (GPE) is transferred
to increased internal or thermal energy of the
surrounding air particles through the mechanism
of friction.


Interpret a gravity ride (roller-coaster) in terms of:
• kinetic energy (KE)
• gravitational potential energy (GPE)
• energy transfer.

1`. the cars start high up with a lot of GPE
2. as the cars drop, the GPE is gradually transferred into KE
3. the car reaches iits highest speed, max kinetic energy, at the bottom of the slope
4. as the car climbs the slope on the other side, KE is converted back into GPE, and it slows down


Describe the effect of changing mass and speed on
kinetic energy (KE)

• doubling mass doubles KE
• doubling speed quadruples KE.