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digestive enzyme

Sucrose/ Sucrase - hydrolyses the disaccharide into glucose and fructose
couldn't form a ESC with lactose


Enzymes in DNA

DNA polymerase - condensation of nucleotides
DNA Helicase - breaks the H+ bonds in between DNA molecules
- similar to RNA polymerase but again, no ESC


Protein toxin

bacteria Vibrium Cholerae releases protein toxin that opens chloride channels, altering the WP of the gut and causing diarrhoea and dehydration


Transport proteins examples

NA+ gated channels - sodium passes into the axon in the formation of an action potential
Glucose channel in liver - glucose passes through for glycogenesis


Structural protein example

Keratin - flexible, strong, rope like proteins for claws (predation) and hair (camouflage)


Proteins for movement

actin myosin bridges, sliding filament theory for sarcomere contraction - used for vasoconstriction/ dilation


Protein hormone

insulin - triggers phosphorylase enzyme for glycogenesis (glucose into glycogen) when blood sugar is too high- hyperglycaemia


What happens to non digested biomass?

it is egested - and broken down by saprobiotic nutrition


How many molecules of ATP are released per glucose in oxidative phosphorylation?



What causes the amount of biomass to decrease at each trophic level?

loss of energy through excretion, respiration and movement


example of a nitrogen fixing bacteria

Rhizobium - in the root nodules of leguminous plants


How does water enter the xylem at the root?

ions pumped in to decrease WP, water moves in by osmosis


What is the affect of increased CO2 conc on chemoreceptors in the carotid arteries and aorta?

pH is reduced
increase frequency of impulses to the cardio acceleratory centre in the medulla of the brain
increase in sympathetic nerve impulse


what is one impact of global warming

flooding causes increased salination of soil - selection pressure favours xerophytic plants


2 examples of external factors that could alter m=base sequence

X rays
estrogenic chemicals in food packaging


What would be the difference between two dandelion plants - one grown in magnesium rich soil and one in magnesium poor soil?

plant in magnesium poor soil would appear less yellow