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RNA splicing: What is it and why important

-Removes noncoding introns from pre-mRNA
-facilitates export of mRNA to cytoplasm
-allows for multiple proteins to be produced through alternative splicing


what are the differences between tRNA, mRNA and rRNA

-Rna is transcribed by rna pol I in nucleus
-mrna is transcribed by rna pol II
-tRNA is transcribed by RNA pol III


How do amino acids bind to tRNA

enzyme called aminoacyl-tRNA sythetase


how is a growing peptide chain made?

amino acids are linked by peptide bonds to form polypeptide chains


Direction of synthesis

-synthesis goes from right to left
- the other template goes in the opposite direction


what is the study of phylogenetics

study of evolutionary history and relationships among individuals or groups of organisms


why is phylogetics important

it helps us understand how genes, genomes and species evolve