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True or false: Brain MRI is required for staging of all cases of lung cancer.

False. Peripheral T1ab N0 doesn't need brain MRI for staging.


What are the common causes for lung cancer?

Smoking, arsenic, chromium or nickel, radon, air pollution, radiation exposure, and secondhand smoke.


What is the lung cancer mortality rate reduction associated with annual CT screening?



Prognosis of large cell neuroendocrine cancer?

Worse than that for atypical carcinoids and classic large cell cancer.


In contrast to EGFR, ALK translocations do not appear to have a clear association with patient sex or race. T or F?



What is the 3-yr disease-free survival rate for stereotactic radiation for stage I lung cancer?

48%. This is usual reserved for tumor less than 5 cm in size and more than 2 cm away from the proximal bronchial tree.


Role of adjuvant therapy for localized lung cancer?

For stage II to IIIA, adjuvant cisplatin-based chemo. For stage IB with 4 cm or more, adjuvant chemo should also be considered.


Role of neoadjuvant chemo in lung cancer?

No study has shown a survival advantage.