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What are the two methods for linking past climates to biodiversity?

1. Geology: look at the conditions of rocks

2. Biological materials: look at fossils e.g crocodiles can be found in the Arctic


What is a good preservative of biological materials?

Peat e.g Tollund man


What is palynology?

Pollen grains are resistant to corrosion and are species specific

Pollen grains can indicate plant species present at that time


Give an example of a fossil that can estimate past temperatures, and describe how it does this:

Deep sea Foraminifera

Warm temp (more than 8-10 degrees) = right hand coiling
Cold temp (less than 7 degrees) = left hand coiling


How do stable isotopes show past temperatures?

Samples depleted in the lighter isotope indicate a warmer climate because they evaporate quickest


What are the 3 causes of glaciations?

1. Eccentricity: earths orbit around sun isn’t circular

2. Obliquity: angle of the earth tilts 2.4 degrees every 41,000 years

3. Precession: direction of earths axis relative to the stars


What was found to be the most abundant plant species in London clay 65 million years ago?

Palm: indicates a much warmer climate


What is amelioration?

Melting of ice and re-invasion


In the last full glaciation where in Britain was left exposed?

South east England


How is the iris plant an example of speciation due to glaciation?

In America iris setosa pushed south and crossed with iris Virginica to produce iris versicolor

When glaciers retreated so did iris setosa


What are eco regions and how many are there?

Defined as areas that have distinct biotas that can’t be found anywhere else on earth



What are biodiversity hotspots and how many are there?

Where there are unique species and biodiversity is decreasing at an exceptional rate



Where is the maximum number of species of various organisms found?

Slightly north of the equator


How does the physical structure of vegetation influence biodiversity?

The more canopies/layers the more microclimates, which means more niches for species= higher biodiversity


What habitat is more diverse: terrestrial or marine?