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What does vegetation affect?

Temperature, humidity, light and wind speed


What controls biodiversity?

In the environment it’s the physical structure and the nutrition/resources that affects and controls biodiversity

Also competition


What does the plant dominance index measure and who invented it?

Gives a measure of the competitive ability of plant species and tells you if it will take over an environment

Phillip Grime


Give some examples of dominant plant species

Nettle (Urtica dioca)

Bracken (Pteridium aquilinium)

Rose bay willow herb


What 4 aspects are taken into account when calculating the dominance index?

1. Growth rate
2. Potential height
3. Potential for lateral spread
4. Litter production


How do you calculate the dominance index?

Species are given a score of 1-5 on each character

The score is summed and divided by 2 to give a score out of 10


Give an example of controlling plant dominance

Rhinanthus minor (Hay rattle)

Prevents grasses in meadows becoming too dominant, allowing other plant species to grow


What is the diversity index?

Measure of the number of species/families/genera and number of individuals of each

Evenness= dominance of species


On the k-dominance curve what do you plot and where?

Different species: x axis
Abundance of each species: y axis


What does Shannon diversity calculate?

The proportion of all individuals that belong to each species


Where do natural communities usually fall on the Shannon diversity?

H’= 1.5-3.5


What does Simpson dominance index measure?

The degree of dominance by a few species in the sample


What does island biogeography take into account?

Rates of migration and dispersal
Controls on species richness
Relationship between the number of species, the size of the island and the distance from neighbours


What is colonisation and extinction dependent on?

The emergence of new ecosystems

Linkage between plants and animals


Give an example of a case study that demonstrates colonisation


Largest remnant of volcanic eruption of Krakatau 1883

Also Hawaiian islands