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What is the most valuable initial imaging technique of bone lesions?

XRAY, looks at the nature of the bone matrix and at the interface of lesion and bone.


Describe how each of the following bone lesions appear on XRAY:
-active lesions
-latent lesions
-aggressive lesions

Active: easily discernable transition without reactive rim

Latent Lesions: surrounded by reactive cortical rim

Aggressive Lesions: broad infiltrating border.


Pancoast Tumor:
-involves what nerves?

found in the apices of the lungs; involving C8, T1, T2 nerves


What type of imaging are Virtual colonscopies?

What type of imaging is mammography?

usually done with CT, can be done with MRI as well.

Mammography is XRAY , normal breast has masses, is not homogenous


Abnormal Mammogram:
-are most abnormalities CA?
-what test may show more definition?
-what is done to confirm abnormal tissue

NO, most abnormalities are NOT cancer.

CT and MRI

Biopsy is done to confirm abnormal tissue


Nuclear Scans:
-how does this work?
-measures what?

How: radio-isotope injected IV & 3 hrs later pt is scanned with gamma camera


Measures bone metabolism or remodeling


Bone Scans:
- what type of imagining?
-what does this show?
-downfall of this test

May be CT or MRI

Show increased metabolic activity or increased blood flow

Downfall: sensitive test that can overestimate lesions


PET Scan
-what does PET stand for?
-what is tracer used?
-what other imaging is used in combo to get 3D image
-especially useful in what cancers?

Positron Emission Tomography

Fludeoxyglucose (FDG)

CT and MRI

especially useful in lymphomas and lung CA


-what does SPECT stand for?
-especially useful in what cancers?

Single Photon Emission Computer-Assisted Tomography

MOA: inject radioisotope that is measures by nuclear camera combined with CT.

especially useful in osteoid osteoma and osteoblastoma.


What of MRI is best for detecting tumors?

Which imaging is the modality of choice for thyroid tumors/lesions?

FNA bx are guided by what imaging?

T/F, unilateral destruction of vertebral pedical by CA mets is known as winking owl sign?

T2 scan


US,CT, fluoroscopy



what imaging is used to assess response to CA tx?

What is the best predictor of survival after cancer Tx

bone scan, CT, and PET

PET scans are best predictor of survival after CA tx.


Review slides 88 and 89 for take home messages.