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Where are alpha 1 receptors found?

peripherally in a variety of tissues (vascular smooth muscle, glands) innervated by sympathetic postganglionic neurons


Where are alpha 2 receptors found?

1) presynaptic nerve terminals of sympathetic postganglionic neurons (inhibits NE synthesis and release--> negative feedback system)
2) postsynaptic alpha 2 receptors in brainstem (inhibits outflow of the SNS)
3) peripheral tissues
4) stimulation of alpha 2 in the substantia gelatinosa (promotes analgesia)


Where are beta 1 receptors found?

heart, kidney, adipose tissue


Where are beta 2 receptors found?

smooth muscle and glandular tissue


What response is seen when alpha 1 receptors are activated?

-pupils dilate (mydriasis "OH MYdriasis")
-vasoconstriction of arteries (increased SVR)
-vasoconstriction of veins (increased preload)
-release of RBCs from the spleen
-decrease renin release
-relax stomach and intestines
-decrease insulin secretion and increase glucagon secretion
-contract the uterus


What response is seen when alpha 2 receptors are activated?

-decrease insulin secretion
-inhibit NE synthesis and release (negative feedback) in presynaptic nerve terminals of sympathetic postganglionic neurons
-in brainstem, inhibit outflow of SNS
-in substantia gelatinosa, promote analgesia


What response is seen when beta 1 receptors are activated?

-increased HR (chrono)
-increased conduction speed (dromo)
-increased contractility (inotropy)
-increased renin release
-lipolysis (breakdown of fats)


What response is seen when beta 2 receptors are activated?

-vasodilation in skeletal muscle vessels (decreased SVR)
-increased secretions
-glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis (increased glucose)
-relax gallbladder
-relax urinary bladder wall
-increase insulin secretion
-relax uterus
-stimulate Na-K pump (decrease plasma K+; 3 Na Out, 1 K+ in)


______ stimulation promotes hyperglycemia (secondary to glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis).

beta 2


______ stimulation promotes hypokalemia.

beta 2 (stimulation of Na-K pump)


Side effects of _____ receptor stimulator, _________, include hyperglycemia, hypokalemia, and tachycardia (d\t some beta 1 receptor activity)

beta 2 receptor; ritodrine (yutopar)


Relaxes the uterus?

beta 2


Increased chronotropy, dromotropy, and inotropy?

beta 1


Vasoconstriction of arterial systemic vessels and veins?

alpha 1


Bronchodilation and increased secretions?

beta 2


Glycogenolysis and Gluconeogenesis?

beta 2



alpha 1


Stimulate Na-K pump?

beta 2


Why should you alpha block before you beta block?

alpha blockade produces arterial dilation, a decrease in SVR, and a decrease in afterload---> this makes it easier for the heart to eject blood after being beta blocked

If beta blockade happened first, then heart failure may ensue b\c the beta blockade prevents increased contractility or ejection of an adequate SV when the SVR and afterload become elevated as a result of increases in circulating EPI and NE