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What are the specific attachment sites for a cervical spinal nerve?

the sulcus for the ventral primary ramus on the costotransverse bar and the vertebral artery


What contributes to the anterior boundary of the thoracic intervertebral foramen?

the costocentral joint


Which are the largest spinal nerves?

L5 and S1 spinal nerves


What increases the length of the intervertebral foramen at L5?

the lumbosacral canal


What forms the lumbosacral tunnel?

the lumbosacral ligament, transverse process of L5 and sacral ala


What condition is the result of encroachment on the L5 spinal nerve?

the far out syndrome


What is the relationship between intervertebral disc herniation and lumbar spinal nerves?

the intervertebral disc above the intervertebral foramen is usually the source of damage


What is unusual about the sacral intervertebral foramen compared to other intervertebral foramina?

a completely osseous boundary exists


What is unique about the relationship of spinal nerve to intervertebral foramen at S5-Co1

there are two nerves present, S5 nerve and Co1 nerve