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How do you landmark the TP's

Go to the superior aspect of the SP
Come out and inch and press anterior an inch
-if over Tp you will eventually stop sinking in
-if not it will be a soft end feel


What sometimes occurs with increased age with regard to ligaments? Prevention tips?

ligament ossification
-Keep them active and moving to prevent further ossification, you can't reverse the changes however


What ligament attaches to the spine and has fan shaped fibres? What is the significance of this fan shape?

Interspinous ligament
- fan shaped to accommodate force during forward flexion and spread the forces amongst more of the fibres


What does the interspinous ligament merge with (ligaments) and what is the implication of this?

Merges with fibres of both the supraspinous ligament and the ligamentum flavum.
- Implication is force attenuation as the forces are dispersed among multiple ligaments


What two points does the ligamentum flavum run between?

Superior aspect of one lamina to the inferior aspect of the one above.


What ligament is made up of elastin? Why?

Ligamentum Flavum
- made of elastin to allow the ligament to stretch during flexion


T/F The supraspinous ligament pulls on the interspinous ligament which then pulls on the ligamentum flavum during flexion

- implication is force attenuation


Which ligament is fan shaped?
Which Ligament is made of elastin?
Which ligament is combined with the capsule?

Interspinous ligament
Ligamentum Flavum
Ligamentum Flavum
- combined with capsule for force attenuation