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Any disturbance that reduces mobility of costal joints will affect _____



heads of the rib articulate with the ___ (_____) on the margins of adjacent thoracic vertebral bodies and IVD between them

facets (demifacets)


the ____ ribs articulate with a single vertebrae by a simple synovial joint

1st, 10th, 11th, 12th


the ______ connects costal heads to the circumference of the articular surfaces formed by IVD and demifacets of adjacent vertebrae

fibrous capsule


Costovertebral joints: posterior fibers of the capsule are continuous with the _____ ligaments



______ ligaments connect the anterior parts of each costal head to the bodies of two vertebrae and their IVD



What does the superior / inferior fibres of the radiate ligament attach to

superior fibers ascend to the vertebral body above
inferior fibres to the body below


What does the intermediate fibres of the radiate ligament attach to?

Attached to disc

intermediate fibers, shortest and least distinct, are horizontal and attached to the disc


in the first rib the radiate ligament is attached to __ and ___

C7 and T1


What does the radiate ligament attach to at the 10th-12th rib?

in 10th-12th rib the ligament attaches to the vertebrae above and below


Costovertebral joints: Describe the intra-articular ligament

A1: attached laterally to the crest between the costal articular facets
A2: medially to the IVD dividing the joint into 2 synovial cavities
D: Intra-articular ligament is a short flat band
R: T1 and T10-12 the intra-articular ligament is absent


Describe costovertebral joint test

place your thumb on the spinous process and finger on the angle of the rib…the movement is anterior and medial so the spinous process should move away from the test side

Due to rib and proximity there is little gliding action


the facet of a costal tubercle articulates with the ____ of its own vertebra. Which ribs lack this articulation?


11 and 12


Costotransverse joints: the fibrous capsule is thin and attached to _____ and it has synovial lining

articular peripheries


T/F costotransverse joints ligaments are capsular



Costotransverse joints: the 12th rib is connected at the shaft, near the head, to the base of the 1st lumbar transverse process by a ________ ligament

lumbocostal ligament


Describe what spaces the costotransverse ligament fills

fills the costotransverse foramen between the costal neck and the corresponding transverse process—the posterior aspect of the rib, the head and the non-articulating tubercle


Describe the superior CT ligament

Anterior layer:
A1:costal neck
A2:lower aspect of the TP above
FD: passing upwards and laterally

Posterior layer:
A1: attached dorsally on the costal neck, the superior part of the rib,
A2: TP above
FD: ascending posteromedially


Describe the lateral CT ligament

A1: Apex of a transverse process
A2: rough non-articular part of the adjacent costal tubercle
FD:passes obliquely from the apex
D: short, thick, and strong fibers
R: lateral CT blends with the external intercostals muscle


What ribs do not have a costotransverse ligament?

First rib, T11, T12


How do you test the costotransverse ligament?

to test: place thumb on spinous process of vertebrae and finger just lateral to the CT joint…the movement is posterior to anterior..spinous process should move toward the test side


What does the first rib articulate with anteriorly?

1st rib articulates with manubrium and clavicle with a capsule that encompasses all three bones


What are chondrosternal articulations?

costal cartilages join small concavities on the lateral sternal borders—chondrosternal articulations


Describe the different aspects of the sternum

Jugular/suprasternal notch
Sternal angle
Body (T5-9)
Fuse (by age 25)
Xiphoid process (T10)


Describe sternocostal joints

articular surfaces are fibrocartilaginous

fibrous capsule surrounds the 2nd to 7th sternocostal joints

blend with the sternocostal ligaments

strengthened above and below by fibers connecting the cartilages to the sternum


Describe the radiate sternocostal ligament

A1: sternal ends of the cartilage of true ribs
A2: corresponding sternal surfaces
D: broad, thin bands radiating from the front and back
R: superficial fibers intermingle with adjacent ligaments above and below with those of the opposite side and with tendinous fibers of pectoralis major, forming a thick fibrous membrane around the sternum, more markedly in its lower part


Describe the costoxiphoid ligament

connect anterior and posterior surfaces of the 7th costal cartilage to the same surface of the xiphoid process


Describe interchondral joints

the 6th-9th costal cartilages articulate by apposition of small oblong facets each enclosed in a thin fibrous capsule lined by synovial lining with medial and lateral interchondral ligaments

Plane synovial joints


Describe costochondral joints

costal cartilage has a rounded end, the rib a depression

the periosteum and perichondrium are continuous

Hyaline cartilaginous joints