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What percentage of fisheries across the world have been over exploited or depleted?



The Earth is in the midst of its sixth what and who is caused by?

Extinction. Caused by homo sapiens


What three key ingredients help to achieve sustainability?

Sustainability targets


Critical analysis of foundational and longer term issues


Why are targets a key ingredient to achieve sustainability and example of targets?

They provide the means for evaluating the success of the actions taken
Millennium development goals


Why is policy a key ingredient to achieve sustainability and example of policy?

Policies have the ability to change current societies that are not sustainable. Agri-environment schemes, or emissions trading.


Why is Critical analysis of foundational and longer term issues a key ingredient to achieve sustainability?

A critical analysis is key because is can link shorter term policy with long term sustainability targets.


What is the sustainability shift?

Sustainability demands that modern consumer culture shifts from paradigms of conquest, to paradigms of connectivity.


What is ecological footprint?

The human impact on the earth


If everyone enjoyed a North American living how many Earth's would we need?

3, we are living beyond our biophysical needs


Why should access of information be good for sustainable development?

– for sustainable development to be viable there needs to be accessible information for the public. Can be used to inform decision making on whether or not certain activities should be undertaken


Why would funds from north to south help be more sustainable?

– for sustainable development to succeed a transfer of wealth from north countries to south as some southern countries are not able to provide basic needs to their citizens.


How many people on the earth are living in poverty?

2 billion living in poverty.


What percentage of the worlds population consume a majority of the resources? what percentage?

20% of the worlds population (WESTERN) consume 80% of the worlds resources and produce 80% of contamination. As population grows then resources will deplete.