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Situated in the North-Westerly part of the Alps, 15km from the Swiss Border and 15km from Italy


Mont Blanc

Highest mountain in Europe, 4808m high


Population in summer vs winter

Resident= 10,000
Summer= 100,000
Winter= 600,000


Winter attractions

- Skiing
- Snowboarding
- Ice climbing


Summer attractions

- Cable cars
- Cog railways
- Free riding
- Paragliding
- Hiking (350km)
- Mountain biking (40km)


Luxery attractions

- Restaurants
- Heated swimming pools
- Spas
- Hotels
- Museums, historical buildings, etc


Benefits of tourism

1. Economic with employment
2. Improvements in public transport and health care
3. Maintained as an attractive town- local materials used for buildings


Problems of tourism

1. Noise and congestion
2. Environmental damage eg mountain footpaths have eroded and trees are damaged by skiers
3. Shops become tourist-oriented
4. Conflicts arise between different groups


Managing tourism in the Alps

1. Promotes repsonsible tourism
2. Provides environmentally friendly transport service
3. Cooperation between France, Italy and Switzerland on nature conservation
4. 'Tomorrows Valley'- sustainable management


Tomorrows Valley

Plan for sustainable management
- renovating historic buildings
- preserving natural wetlands
- minimising impact of skiing on the landscape by planting trees
- marking footpaths and cleaning rivers
- support local traditional employment sectors


Space Mont Blanc Initiative

France, Switzerland and Italy
Deal with issues of international transport, nature conservation, forest and water conservation


Impact of snowfall

1. Economy reliant on tourism income and this is reliant on plenty of snowfall
2. Unsafe to ski in limited snow
3. Lack of money brings less maintenance which puts of tourists

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