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what is the carbon budget

uses data to describe the amount of carbon that is stored and transferred within the carbon cycle


what is the carbon budget measured in



what is the major store of carbon

lithosphere (crust)


what processes are responsible for the greatest transfer of carbon

ocean uptake absorbs the second highest amount


enhanced greenhouse effect definition

the impact on the climate from the additional heat retained due to increased amounts of co2 in the atmosphere


geo-sequestration definition

technology capturing ghg emissions from power stations and pumping them into underground reservoirs


radiative forcing definition

the difference between the incoming solar energy absorbed by the earth and energy radiated back into space


soil organic carbon definition

the organic constitutes in the soils


what percentage of additional co2 will remain in the atmosphere for many thousands of years

as much as 20%


the enhanced greenhouse effect is causing...

radiative forcing


explain radiative forcing

30% of sunlight is reflected back into space, rest is absorbed by the planet. some of the absorbed energy is radiated back as infrared energy


what happens if the balance is disrupted in radiative forcing

if the balance between the incoming and outgoing energy is anything other than zero, warming (+) or cooling (-) occurs


how does dense vegetation affect the regional climate

dense vegetation= high rates of photosynthesis and respiration= increases levels of humidity and cloud cover


how do volcanic eruptions affect regional climates

volcanic eruptions release co2 along with other gases into the atmosphere- absorbs more radiation= cooling effect


how does more co2 impact the land (3 ways)

more co2 available results in more photosynthesis and plant growth
increased growing season for plants
more co2=higher temperatures which then leads to increased decay of organic matter


how does ocean acidification affect corals and shells

carbonic acid (from co2 being diffused into the ocean) reacts to form bicarbonate. less carbonate=weaker shells- can kill coral reefs which provide livelihood security for 500 million people. threatens food security


how does melting sea ice affect the feedback system

highly reflective ice is replaced by more absorbent water- amplifies the warming