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England - Yorkshire


why is it susceptible to flooding

geology (gritstone and limestone) so ground quickly becomes saturated- increased surface run off
is also fed by numerous tributaries- increases volume of water in the main channel


2007 floods - economic impact in the Yorkshire and Humber region

damage estimated at £2.1 billion


compare the river discharge in May and June 2012 at Pickering Beck

4.5 cumecs in June and 0.5 cumecs in May- increased by 9 times- peaks and troughs


relief of the area and how this exacerbates flooding

steep relief= faster run off= river reaches bank full discharge quicker. also limits the width of the river- so it holds a smaller volume of water



'grips' are in place that cut through the peat to improve drainage and create faster run off. result in faster channel flooding.
heather burning also occurs


flood management- what are the 3 main principles

to slow water at the top of the catchment
to store water in the middle catchment
to improve water flow passing through the bottom of the catchment


example of flood management strategy

woody debris dams- slows down water flow (100 in pickering beck)