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what is water balance

is the balance between inputs (precipitation) and outputs (run off, evapotranspiration, soil and ground water storage)


what is the formula for water balance

Precipitation= discharge + evapotranspiration +/- changes in storage


explain positive and negative water balance

if precipitation EXCEEDS run-off and evapotranspiration it is a POSITIVE WB (amount of water is increasing)-- particularly in september
if the opposite is true then it is a negative wb-- particularly in summer as it is warmer


what is total runoff

is a measure of the proportion of the total precipitation that makes its way into streams and rivers


what causes variations in run off (factors)

differences in: soil water, rock type, precipitation intensity and vegetation cover
time of year- affects rates of evapotranspiration and vegetation growth (interception)


River Wye (wales)

upper river basin made up of impermeable stones so groundwater flow is limited and soils become saturated much quicker.
run off highest in winter- most rainfall and least amount of vegetation cover