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what is climate change mitigation

refers to the efforts to reduce or prevent the emission of greenhouse gases


increased co2 is warming the atmosphere. this then results in.... and a .... atmosphere. what type of feedback is this

higher evaporation rates and a wetter atmosphere. positive feedback- leads to further warming


what air temperatures when co2 concentrations rise, how does this affect the ocean

air temperatures rise, oceans then warm up and more vapour evaporates into the atmosphere, amplifies the greenhouse heating


explain how lag time affects climate change

the effects of co2 and global warming are delayed by approx 1 year. so when we see the effects we aren't seeing the immediate ones from the co2 going into the atmosphere now- co2 levels become the cause and effect of further warming


melting sea ice in the arctic may turn the area from a carbon sink to a carbon...



what type of feedback loop is marine phytoplankton and give a brief explanation why

negative. warmer temperatures---> increases in phytoplankton----> increase in clouds (as they produce DMS which may form condensation)---> global cooling


ocean surface water has become how much more acidic due to the increased absorption of co2

26% increase


the paris agreement 2015 (political initiatives to help hinder climate change)- how many countries signed up and what is the aim

195 countries adopted the first legally binding climate deal, due to be enforced in 2020.
aim: to limit temperatures to a 1.5oC rise from pre industrial levels
strengthen mitigation abilities
support developing countries to reduce emissions