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What was the population already at when Chairman Mao encouraged the population growth?

540 million


When was the one child policy introduced?



Who introduced the one child policy?

Deng Xiaoping


What is the current population of China?

1.3 billion


What was the population expected to be by now had it not been for the one child policy?

1.8 billion


Was the one child policy effective in reducing the growth of China's population?

Yes, it reduced the population dramatically


What did the fertility rate fall from to?

Fell from 5.7 to 2.9


How many births were prevented?

400 million


Why is the fact that there are less children a good thing?

They have better opportunity for education


What incentives were provided for families who obliged with the one child policy?

Free healthcare, longer maternity leave, better pensions and education


Why were boys preferred to girls when people had children?

The girls would marry into the husbands family so they would leave their parents unsupported in their old age


Why was the one child policy the reason for the increase in forced abortion and female infanticide?

Baby girls were undesirable so they didn't want to have a baby girl


What is the gender imbalance in China?

Male : Female
4 : 1


What is little emperor syndrome?

A child's parents spoilt their child because they only had one child


What did little emperor syndrome result in?

Increased amounts of child obesity


Why is the one child policy a bad idea in regards to parents in their old age?

The older generation will have less people taking care of them in their old age as there is only one child per 2 parents and due to the increasing life expectancy they can expect to live even longer, which will strain the economy


When were ultrasounds outlawed and why?

In 1994 because many women were having ultrasounds to see if their child was to be a girl, if so then they would usually abort it. Illegal ultrasounds was supposed to decrease the amount of abortions


When did Susan greenhalgh and John bogaarts propose an alternative to the one child policy?

In 1985


Who proposed an alternative to the one child policy in 2006 and what was it?

Wang Jeng proposed the 2 child policy


Name 4 advantages to the two child policy

•meet the fertility desire of most couples
•help the severely ageing population
•reduce the gender imbalance as girls wouldn't be aborted
•release the government from the burden of supporting an unpopular policy


What were the exceptions to the one child policy?

•if you lived in rural areas, you needed more help on farms etc
•if your first born had a physical disability
•after 1980 if your first born was a girl you could have another baby
•could have 2 children if both parents came from a one child household/family


What was the consequence if you had another child illegally?

The parents could keep the child but they were to be fined or arrested


What was the minimum age for women to be married?

25 and with permission to be married from parents


Why was the one child policy introduced?

In 1949, dictator leader of China, Chairman Mao, encouraged China to have lots of children to build up a super army. It was introduced to alleviate the increase in population


How late would some parents leave it before aborting their girls?

Up to 38 weeks


How long would American parents wait to adopt a Chinese baby girl?

Years whilst they are left abandoned in orphanages


How many unmarried men are there in China?

24 million


What does such a high rate of bachelors cause?

High crime rates


Why did many men propose in such drastic ways?

So it was harder for girls to say no as there were so few girls to men and they didn't want to live alone. Rich boys would pay lots of money to marry a girl